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Perfect for Basement Home Theater

During this time of staying at home many of us are finding that we need more space to spread out around our homes. Maybe we need a new space for a home office, instead of our kitchen table. Not only are we looking for more space to find a spot to call our own in our...

Drywall Versus Impressive Basements

Let the competition begin! Round 1: Mold • Drywall: When exposed to moisture drywall will grow mold, and many times the very dangerous black mold Stachybotrys (/ˌstækiˈbɒtrɪs/). Finished Basements can often be the perfect environment for mold to grow. This is how the...

Basement Bathroom, cost and options

Some of the questions I get the most are “Should I have a basement bathroom?  What does a basement bathroom cost?  Should I go with a half bath or full bath?” OK, slow down! Let me take them one at a time. Should I have a basement bathroom?  Things to consider are:...

Remodeling A Basement Is A Must!

There are many reasons for expanding a home's living area, and basement remodeling may be the best option for providing the additional space that is needed. As a homeowner's family grows and changes through the years, his or her housing needs also change. In today's...

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