Basement Finishing in Macomb County

Looking to make your home even more beautiful and Impressive? This is the moment you decide to begin your basement finishing project. Let’s see what we can do for you.

Having a finished basement has never been easier thanks to Impressive Basements. We complete most basements in two weeks (ad a week for a basement bathroom), our professional installation crew provides a swift approach to making your finished basement a favorite area in the house. Our finished basement systems offer sturdy insulated and removable wall panels that will totally transform your once dark and dingy basement into a finished living area to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Impressive Basements located in Macomb County, MI, makes finishing a basement exciting. With an array of wall panel colors and the choice of carpet, tile or wood flooring, Impressive Basements’ construction will provide the perfect complement to a beautifully designed finished basement making the lower level of your home a special place. There’s no need to keep your basement finishing plan on the bottom of your home improvement priority list any longer.

Not only is our Basement Finishing System mold resistant, it is also very quiet. Our panels reduce the noise by over 85%. Perfect for a basement home office and home theater. Basement finishing is the fastest, least expensive way to ad living space to your home, so call today and start enjoying your whole house.

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