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Finished Basement Ideas

We love basements! They give you an extra space in your house to do with what you please. It’s also usually the coolest place in the house which makes it the perfect spot for cozying up to watch a good movie or to put in a new rec room.

Our basement panels do wonders in reducing noise, making a perfect setting for an in-home movie theater!


This basement media room gives us some serious #basementgoals.
The stadium movie theater seating, movie posters, and surround sound matched with our noise reducing wall panels give just the right touch for a perfect home movie theater.
A projection screen and surround sound allow the 85% noise reduction panels to really bring movie night to a whole new level!
The dark walls, comfy seating, and movie posters give it just the right touch to make you feel like your at the movie theater.


Need extra space to relax with (or away from 🙂 ) other family members? These basement living areas look amazing with the basement panels and new flooring!

This looks like a soothing spot to relax and watch a good show!
Love this large TV area with a cozy couch and comfortable carpet floors. Gray walls and floors make the room even more stylish.
This remodeled basement living room is made more perfect for those chilly Michigan winters with a fireplace.
This pool table is giving us future basement entertaining ideas… with 85% noise reduction our basement panels would create the perfect spot to have the gang over for a late night game while the kids are sleeping soundly upstairs. Now I’m thinking….poker?

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