Is your basement filled to the floor joists with boxes, toys and junk? If it is, you are wasting a ton of valuable space that could be used for a home theater, recreation area or home office. Don’t let that stop you from remodeling your basement…WE CAN HELP!!
First things First!! You must decide that you need to part ways with a lot of that stuff before you can start your Basement Finishing project. The next step is to divide the items into three categories:
• Things I must keep
• Items someone else would really appreciate.
• Junk that needs to be thrown out
This is where we come in. The first day on the job, our foreman, along with a couple of strong guys will go over all of the items with you. Then they will back our 20 foot box truck into your drive way and load up all the junk and charitable items and haul them away. That simple! We donate the charitable items to the Salvation Army and toss the junk in a large dumpster we keep in our yard. We do all this at NO CHARGE for all of our basement remodeling clients.
Now you can reclaim Your basement fast, easy and cheap.