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What is the square foot cost of our basement finishing system?

Thomas from Ann Arbor Asks

“What is the square foot cost of your basement system?”

Great question Thomas….unfortunately there really is not a standard square foot number for basement finishing. We do not price our basement finishing by the square foot, but rather by the linear foot of wall, how many doors, lights, vents, pole wraps, type of flooring, etc. To give you an example how square foot cost can get you in trouble let me give you this scenario. Picture a 100’ x 6’ hallway that equals 600 square feet. Now picture a 20’ x 30’ room that equals 600 square feet. Both spaces have the same square footage, but the hallway has 200 feet of wall and the room only has 100 feet of wall. That is a big difference in square foot cost! Keep in mind the quality of the products used is a huge variable as well. We install high quality can lights, panel doors with levered handles, 2’x2′ reveal edge ceiling tile, Berber carpet, dimmer switches and of course our beautiful and unique acoustic wall system.

Well this doesn’t exactly answer your question, it does help to give a good idea of how difficult it is to put a set price on a project like this. Call us at (248) 545-9000 and one of our designers will discuss options and prices with you over the phone based on the type of remodel you are looking to do. You can also set up a time to have one of our estimators visit your home to get exact measurements and provide a quote to you for free! We also offer financing through Wells Fargo to help you get the basement of your dreams!

Hope this helps Thomas,
Doug Hull

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