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  • Wall Panels are removable for easy access.
  • Strong Durable panels that won’t mold or rot.
  • Fast Clean Installation, complete in 2 Weeks with no drywall dust.
  • 85% Noise Reduction - Perfect for home theater and office
  • 18 colors to chose from.
  • Hang what you want on our walls with no hassles.
  • Free in Home Design Service.

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I now have the best basement on our block! I would like to congratulate Impressive Basements for a job well done. My wife gives line dancing lessons and . . . MORE

There is An AFFORDABLE Solution to Finishing your Basement!

As I hung up the phone, I immediately felt a bead of sweat roll down my forehead.

My wife looked at me with pure terror in her eyes.

My in-laws were coming to visit in just over 2 weeks, expecting to stay with us. I bragged to my father in law that we had plenty of room, that we would prepare the "guest room" for them. Unfortunately the "guest room" was our unfinished basement, cement floor, dust, exposed pipes in the ceiling. You know the drill.

The truth was, we only had enough "real" bedrooms to sleep our two kids, my wife, and I.

I was desperate.

My in-laws didn't approve of me in the first place, and in one phone call I dug myself deeper into an already difficult situation. I felt the ax ready to fall.

I called 3 contractors and they simply laughed in my face at the 2 week request. Then I called Impressive Basement Systems.

"Sure, we can have your basement completely remodeled in 2 weeks, no problem! In fact, we guarantee it to all our customers!" Said the voice on the line.

Sound Impossible?

Not at all. My basement is living proof. And not only did they finish in 2 weeks, but its so much better than traditional drywall construction, and it is clearly higher quality.

Here is the proof:

basement remodeling
My Basement Before

basement fiinishing
My Basement After



Dear Friend,

If you can spare 5 minutes, 37 seconds of your time, I will show you how you can Remodel Your Basement and make it Completely Mold Resistant in under 2 weeks, with no mess.

Because 5 minutes, 37 seconds is how long it will take you to read this letter. Here is just some of what you will discover:

  • A new basement system that is Completely Mold Resistant.
  • Installation Causes Zero Drywall Dust or Mess: HINT: Our Exclusive Remodeling System does not involve drywall.
  • How to Quickly and Easily Add Recreational Rooms, Bathrooms, or a Home Office That You Need in UNDER Two Weeks.
  • Our system has 85% Noise Reduction making it perfect for Home Theater and Office!
  • Substantially increase the value of your home and increase your square footage in a only 2 weeks.
  • How you can dramatically increase your choices of wall color, trim, flooring, and ceilings without the hassle and mess of traditional drywall, paint, and lumber construction. A professional designer will help you design your 2 week basement process--exactly how you want it.

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Basement Finishing System

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  • No phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics, or artificial colors

  • Our basement finishing system is healthy, green, and made from recycled materials
  • A System that literally breathes!
  • Removable wall panels for easy access
  • 85% noise reduction, perfect for a Home Theatre
  • Fast clean installation in just about 2 weeks
  • Mold and mildew resistant, and made specifically for basement living conditions

*Our system incorporates the Knauf Greenguard acoustical board.

I would like to thank Impressive Tile for the great job they did on our basement.

Your workers were very professional and I was amazed at how clean and fast they were.

I was concerned at first if the walls would hold all of the many sport pictures my husband had collected over the years, but it worked out fabulous. We had a Super Bowl party and everyone loved the basement, I'm sure you will be getting calls from a lot of my friends who were there.

Shelly Vecchioni
basement finishing

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How can Impressive Basement Systems™ remodel your basement in two weeks?

We use a new breakthrough technology that uses pre-manufactured walls, trim, electrical elements, and accents.

We custom design your basement to your liking, and then we manufacture the components of your new basement at our own facility.

So when our installers arrive at your home, its simply a matter of quickly putting it all together. This takes far less time than traditional drywall remodeling, often at a lower cost!

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Basement Remodeling System

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I now have the best basement on our block!

I would like to congratulate Impressive Tile for a job well done.

My wife gives line dancing lessons and the Laminate floor you put in is working out perfect. The sound quality of your system is remarkable, everyone who comes down the stairs comments on it.

I will definitely recommend you to my friends and neighbors.

Jim Thorten

basement remodeling

8 Questions Our Competitors Hope You Don't Ask Them

Do Not Read The Following Comparison
Between Us And Our Competitors
If You Are Easily Offended

You may have received a call from one of our competitors trying to sell you a similar system, or you may have read about this system on the Internet. Our system far surpasses similar systems from our competitors, even if they may try to lump us in with themselves.

Just ask them the following 8 questions, and their answers will make it abundantly clear that Impressive Basement Systems is the superior choice.

Here are the 8 questions to ask our competitors:

1. Is your price competitive?

In the past we have ALWAYS beat our competitors price. We have saved our customers thousands of dollars over the competition.

2. Do the walls that you install look like real walls, or do they have divider strips that are common to premanufactured walls?

They won't tell you this, but competitors selling similar systems often have annoying divider strips every 4 feet along the wall: our system is a real wall with no cheap looking dividers.

3. Do you remodel the entire basement or just install the walls?

Eliminate the hassle of getting separate contractors to do your electrical, plumbing, flooring, ceilings, and walls--we do an entire remodeling package for you. (Our competitors usually only put up walls and leave the rest to you.)

4. Will you stick to the quote you give me in the beginning?

Convential drywall and wood stud construction estimates are just that - they are estimates. Many times the original estimate that you receive from a contractor ends up increasing in price by the end of the project. Our basement system is custom manufactured for every order - becuase of this, our designers must be very detailed in their measurments and design options. The price that we give you on your basement project will only change if you change the scope of work to be done. We always stick to our quote.

5. How easy is it to hang heavy mirrors, picture frames, and other decorations on your walls?

Our wall panels are made of high density materials that you can actually put a nail through. One of our clients hung a 30 pound professional quality dart board his basement wall--thats how strong our walls are!

Our competitors walls can only hold 10 pounds (and you have to use a special mounting plate and to even get it to handle that much weight!)

6. Can any installer or home repair guy install your system?

With some of our competitors, anyone can become an installer. You don't know who they are, or if you can trust them in your home.

Our system is exclusively manufactured here in Detroit and are only installed by our in house staff. It is not available for purchase or installation anywhere else, including Home Depot, Lowes etc...

Also, we guarantee that we can have your basement system (excluding bathrooms) installed in 2 weeks (provided we have daily access to your home).

7. How durable and solid are your walls? Do you use studs when putting up your walls?

We use real metal studs producing a wall as solid as traditional lumber/drywall construction, without the worries of warping, rotting, mold, and mess.

8. How many installers do you have working for your company? Are you a one man operation? Will you be juggling my remodeling project among 10 others?

We have multiple crews and many installation vehicles; in other words, we are not a one man show. You will have a dedicated crew working on your remodeling project, so you don't have to worry about your remodeling job being forgotten or left unfinished for weeks. We will stick to our 2 week guarantee.

Also, the design consultant that first visits your home will stay with you throughout your job. You don't have to worry about getting lost in the shuffle.

impressive basement
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Watch our Video Testimonials!

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Basement Finishing System

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Better Business Bureau Reports
11 Million Home Remodeling Complaints Per Year

80% Were Made By Consumers
Who Took the Lowest Bid from a Non Reputable Contractor

Given this fact, you may be asking, what about Impressive Basement System's installers? Are they trustworthy? Will they come to my house on time? Will they finish the project on time?

Every homeowner has probably experienced the never-ending remodeling project. Or how about the fly by night remodeler who is balancing your job along with 10 others, and leaves your house half remodeled for weeks on end?

Our installers have worked for our company for an average of 9 years. Two of our main installers have been with us for 20 years. Our company has been in business since 1972 and is licensed and insured.

Our installers have worked on hundreds and hundreds of jobs with very few complaints. They are trustworthy, they start and end on time.

We have multiple crews and many installation vehicles. You will have a dedicated crew working on your remodeling project, so you don't have to worry about your remodeling job being forgotten or left unfinished for weeks. (In fact, if a one man show tries to sell you a remodeling job, run the other way even if he gives you a super cheap quote... he may not be finished for months!)

impressive basements
Visit Our Beautiful Showroom in Oak Park, MI
View Our Display of How Our Basement System Works

Click HERE to visit our Drywall Mold Education page.

Here are some advantages of our cutting edge system over drywall:

Traditional Drywall/Lumber Construction
Our Cutting Edge
Impressive Wall System

Traditional lumber and drywall can rot, warp, and mold in a basement environment. Why waste your hard earned money on remodeling that could be destroyed by mold in a matter of weeks?


Completely Mold Resistant: Our system literally "breathes" --will never contribute to mold growth because it allows moisture to quickly evaporate.

Mold requires a food source to grow (like wood or drywall) but our walls are created with synthetic material that will not contribute to the growth of mold.

Time to complete construction:
3 months or more


Time to complete construction:
2 weeks
Water, flooding, and moisture will quickly destroy drywall and wood construction.

Our panels are removable and replaceable.If your basement wall leaks, panels can be removed, leaks fixed, and panels can be easily reinstalled.

As easy as removing/replacing a front door screen.

Also, because our panels "breathe," allowing moisture to evaporate, they don't even need to be removed in order to quickly dry.


Extremely messy: Drywall dust tracked through the house; paint spills on new carpet; mud, dirt, and wear and tear from construction workers tracking through your house continually for 3 months or more.

Drywall dust also gets in the air ducts and is recirculated through the home whenever the furnace kicks on.


Extremely clean. No drywall dust, mud, or paint involved. Our product is virtually maintenance free. Never needs to be repainted.

Usually must repaint a section of the wall if it gets stained. Sometimes if paint cannot be matched, the entire wall must be repainted.

Even in a spotless house, walls need to be repainted every 5 years or so.


Stain resistant. Easily cleans with soap and water. Our clients have reported spilling everything imaginable on the walls we installed, and it always washes out with a simple soap and water.

One client accidentally cut his knuckle and without realizing it, actually smeared blood on the wall. With a little soap and water, the blood disappeared without a trace.

Another client of ours accidentally spilled a cup of coffee down the side of the wall. Again, cleaned up without a trace in a few minutes.

Our walls are literally maintenance free: never need repainting.


Dents must be patched with spackle and repainted, creating more dust and mess and difficulties matching paint.


Dent resistant. Our breakthrough fabric wall surface is self healing. You can even put a nail through the wall, and when you remove the nail, the hole will reseal itself closed without a trace.


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